Educational Decorative World Globe on Sailor Wheel for Office, Home, and School

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  • SIZE: 9" D x 9" W 9.5" H
  • USE IN: World globe with blue oceans is perfect for the home, office or classroom
  • MATERIAL: Crafted with a sturdy aluminum material for a long lasting durability
  • FEATURES: The product itself rotates on a sturdy stand
  • DECORATIVE: Can also be used as a decorative asset to your living room, dining, or entryway

Use this globe in schools to encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science with their own hands and eyes. Children may be able to explore the continents they have or have not been, spot a place and find out what’s on it, and what’s around it, they would be encouraged to read and recognize the fact of the earth geographically and historically. And is a perfect addition to any classroom.

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6 Reviews

  • Posted by Mr. Man on 12th Apr 2024


    Decorative Globe

    I love the decorative aspect of this globe, especially with the sailor wheel base. It adds a unique touch to my office decor. The educational aspect is also great for learning. However, I wish the colors were a bit more vibrant to make it stand out even more.

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2024


    Just what was needed!

    Just what was needed!

  • Posted by P.L. on 9th Oct 2023




  • Posted by Alan L. Oliver on 21st Jan 2023


    Very cool engineering

    Don't usually write a review but had to for this. It's fantastic! Exceeded my expectations; love it. Hope it lasts a long time. Definitely would recommend.

  • Posted by Cheryl M on 3rd Dec 2022


    I love this globe!

    An incredibly beautiful, modern and soothing decoration that is also unique as an eye-catcher. The people around me couldn't imagine anything at first

  • Posted by D. Mani on 11th Sep 2022


    Very nice design object to see

    It strikes people a lot when they notice that it moves with sunlight only. I therefore put it in a very sunny room and where I take my guests.