Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Sheepskin Square Pillow Cover 16 in.

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  • Approx size: 16" D x 16" W - Sizes may vary as this is a natural product
  • Genuine natural Mongolian Lamb Fur on real Sheepskin
  • Feels the way it looks - soft, plush, and cozy
  • Breathable and Eco-friendly makes it a timeless home addition
  • Fur doesn't shed which prolongs fur durability, dry clean only

We're talking about real shams. For a reason, Genuine Fur is known for its timeless and first alternative choice when it comes to fashion, decor, and style. Real fur breathes which makes it extra comfortable and warm. Whether your home decor revolves around retro styles or contemporary ideas, real fur is a classic material making it attractively chic to complement any type or time used. No need to worry about bald spots on the Sheepskin because they're real and don't shed or fall apart! Use this sham as a sofa throw pillow, or on your bed. Curly lush fur makes this pillow cover sinkable to rest and thick to run your hands over. So why go real? Because they're beautiful, timeless like art, and so plush to cuddle in- that's why! 

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