Water-Resistant Rectangular Oxford Ped Bed for Cats and Dogs

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• Size: 18.5" W x 13.5" D x 5.5" H
• Cozy pet bed provides a warm and safe resting place for dogs and cats
• Comfortably stuffed with cushiony pillows and covered with durable yet soft water-resistant oxford fabric
• The bed sides and back are raised to provide a sheltered pillow-like surface, while the front edge remains low to provide easy access
• Pillow seat is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

Your furry pal deserves a warm, cozy place to rest, and the PawsMark Rectangular Ped Bed provides just that. Featuring a comfy cushioned surface with raised sides, this pet bed will instantly become your cat’s or dog’s favorite cuddling spot. Its water-resistant oxford fabric covering is both soft and durable, and makes cleaning the pet bed a breeze. 


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8 Reviews

  • Posted by mia on 17th Nov 2022


    Good structure

    the seat is the perfect shape to make my puppy the most comfortable possible.

  • Posted by Nora Johansson on 17th Sep 2022


    My cat loves this

    Its very soft and washable so when my cat made a poopy on it I could wash it easily.

  • Posted by A. Roberts on 14th Sep 2022


    Don't have to force my honey into bed anymore

    He runs into bed on his own now.

  • Posted by Oliver on 5th Aug 2022


    Strong material

    My dog tried to rip it with his teeth but nothing happened. The color is not very pleasing to the cat's eye.

  • Posted by Emily Smith on 10th Jul 2022


    Thank you

    I love this.

  • Posted by ER on 25th Apr 2021


    I don't like these colors

    theyre too garish for my taste

  • Posted by C. Parker on 3rd Dec 2020



    My cat looks so comfortable sitting in it, it makes me jealous.

  • Posted by Grace on 26th Mar 2020


    I love this seat

    My cat and I love this seat.