13.75 Inch Plastic Round Battery Operated Simple Modern Wall Clock - Office, ClassRoom, Livingroom, Dining Room, Bedroom and Kitchen Wall Decor

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  • Add timeless charm to your home with our classic wall decor round clock. It is ideal as a living room wall decor. It has a perfect dimension of 13.75 inches wide by 13.75 inches deep by 2 inches high.
  • Reliable Quartz movement guarantee precise time, noise-free environment and Easy to Read as it is a Clock Design with large black numbers on a white background.
  • Serve as Room Decor piece, the clock's durable plastic frame not only enhances its longevity but also simplifies cleaning tasks. Additionally, thanks to its lightweight construction, installation becomes effortlessly hassle-free, promising convenience and ease in adorning your space.
  • This battery-operated clock for house decor requires 1 AA battery (battery not included in the package). It also serves as ideal bathroom accessories.
  • We hold our customers in high regard, and that's why we've created our decorative wall clocks using durable plastic material, ensuring lasting durability and customer satisfaction.

Introducing our exquisite chic wall clock, meticulously crafted to serve as a striking focal point in your modern home decor. This timepiece offers an unparalleled solution to add wall accents on vacant spaces such as bedroom, kids playroom, for living room or even your wall decor for office. With its sleek design, robust build, and subtle contemporary charm, this clock effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any room it graces. Constructed with precision and finesse, this clock exudes a timeless elegance that complements various interior styles. Its minimalist yet captivating aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any decor scheme, from minimalist and industrial to eclectic or Scandinavian-inspired spaces. The clock's refined silhouette and premium finish add a touch of refinement to your surroundings. Transform your living space with the timeless allure of our chic wall clock, a symbol of refined taste and understated elegance. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality as you adorn your walls with this exquisite timepiece, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in every corner of your home.

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10 Reviews

  • Posted by Vitchu Diamond on 3rd Jul 2024



    Time is accurate and it looks nice.

  • Posted by Teacher on 26th Mar 2024


    Super Satisfied!

    I needed a new clock for my classroom, so I picked up the red version of this wall clock. It turned out to be a hit with my students! They love how bright and cheerful it looks on the wall, and the large numbers make it easy for everyone to see the time, even from the back of the room. One day, during a particularly engaging discussion, a student pointed out how the red color of the clock matched the school colors perfectly. It sparked a fun conversation about school spirit and time management. The clock has become more than just a timepiece; it’s now a part of our classroom identity. I’m really impressed with its durability and simplicity. It’s been reliable in keeping us on schedule, and its modern design adds a nice touch to our learning environment.

  • Posted by Isaac Hayes on 7th Oct 2023


    Super Clock!

    Doesn't take up too much space and the time is accurate.

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2023


    Wow! love this deep red

    I love this color, looks so good on my wall!

  • Posted by pg on 12th Jul 2023


    I like this clock

    It looks even better once it's hung up.

  • Posted by Ava Scott on 29th Apr 2023


    The red's a bit too light I wanted it sharper.

    But I like it anyway.

  • Posted by Eamon O'Rourke on 5th Apr 2023


    Love it

    I cannot stop looking at it. It works on the second and doesn't make a noise while turning.

  • Posted by Miss Whitmore on 18th Feb 2022


    Very Classic!

    I chose the red clock for my dining room, and it’s wonderful. The color is vibrant, and the design is minimalist yet eye-catching. It keeps accurate time and adds a pop of color to the room. Very pleased with this purchase!

  • Posted by Donald D. on 3rd May 2021


    Accurate Time!

    The black clock is simple and functional, ideal for keeping the schedule on track. It’s lightweight and easy to mount. Overall, a great buy for any educational setting.