How to Decorate Your Home in Industrial Style

How to Decorate Your Home in Industrial Style

Published by Erica Pennyfeather on 2nd Mar 2020

Industrial style has gained tremendous popularity over the past years. The idea of bringing home the cold, stark feel of industrial spaces may seem counterintuitive, but the fusion of raw and refined has homey warmth and appeal unlike any other home decor style.

The trend is said to have started in the 1960’s in Lower Manhattan, where abandoned warehouses and factories were converted to loft apartments. Since renovations were costly, tenants chose to leave the brick walls, pipes, support beams and concrete floors intact. This home decor style has since evolved into a popular look which many homeowners seek to adapt. 

How to implement industrial style in your home:

  • Use an open layout floor plan, with less interior walls.
  • Leave beams, brick walls, ducts, and concrete walls exposed.
  • Decorate with a color theme of muted grays, browns, and tans.
  • Keep patterns to minimal patterns.
  • Metal and wood furniture are a staple of industrial design. Metal is sleek and functional while wood, typically unfinished, adds some warmth.
  • Soften up your space with leather sofas and chairs, particularly in a tan color.
  • Vintage accents and antique lighting are often added for interest.
  • Liven up dead spaces with greenery and plants.

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