Winter Maintenance 101: How to Safely Clear Snow from Your Roof

Winter Maintenance 101: How to Safely Clear Snow from Your Roof

Published by Roman Puhachov on 24th Jan 2022

When snow and ice accumulate on roofs, it can be dangerous for those who live in the house or who are in the area below, such as icicles and snow/ice blocks. To prevent any negative consequences, it's important to remove the snow from the roof in a timely manner.

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However, removing snow and ice improperly can cause damage to the roof and pose a serious risk if a large amount of snow or ice falls onto cars below.

So, how do you remove snow from the roof? Despite its seeming simplicity, removing snow from roofs is actually quite complex and time-consuming. If it's not done on time, it can lead to multiple problems.

What are the dangers of not cleaning the roof in time? Here are a few issues that snow and ice on the roof can cause:

  • Deformation of the roof;
  • Moisture getting under the roofing materials on the roof;
  • An avalanche of snow falling from the roof.

To remove the snow properly, it's best to work during the daytime with good visibility and light wind. Here's the sequence of steps to follow:

  • Knock down all the icicles, but don't stand directly under them. Be careful not to damage the roofing materials by being too aggressive.
  • Remove the snow from the roof.
  • Once the snow is gone, knock off any icicles that are still stuck to the gutters and roof.

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