Hanging Under Shelf Metal Storage Basket

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  • Measurements: 14.5" W x 10.5" D x 5.5" H
  • Durable powder coated metal composition 
  • Hanging feature for under shelf storage
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Keep in pantry, closets, or bathroom shelves

Organize your home with these smart under the shelf hanging storage baskets. Simply by sliding the baskets over a shelf, these baskets offer a convenient and large interior to store food, clothes, or bathroom accessories. Durable powder coated metal composition provides a sturdy exterior to hold plenty of items. Its that simple, slide and store.

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8 Reviews

  • Posted by QuantumPixel on 18th Apr 2023



    great way to utilize wasted space

  • Posted by Rowan on 8th Nov 2022


    more space in pantry

    I decided to give the hanging under shelf metal storage basket a shot to declutter my pantry. The installation process wasn't too complex, but I did have to fiddle with it a bit to get it properly secured. The size is great for small items, but I've noticed that heavier items tend to make it tilt forward slightly. It's a practical concept, but it might need some tweaks for better stability.

  • Posted by Robert Cohen on 18th May 2022



    Slides out sometimes when I try to take stuff out.

  • Posted by Anonymous on 4th Apr 2021


    space maximizer

    Love this storage basket! It's like a hidden gem under my shelves. Perfect for small items, and it slides under and holds itself up very sturdy.

  • Posted by smartypanda8 on 4th Mar 2021



    I had high hopes for the hanging under shelf metal storage basket. The basket itself is handy for lightweight items, but like others have mentioned, it can tip forward with heavier loads. It's a concept with potential, but it needs some improvements.

  • Posted by Kieran N. on 21st Aug 2020


    Great Organization Basket

    This hanging under shelf metal storage basket is a true organizational marvel. As someone who values every inch of storage space, this addition to my kitchen has been nothing short of fantastic. The installation was surprisingly simple, you just slide it over the shelf. The basket itself holds an impressive array of odds and ends, from spices to small kitchen tools, all within arm's reach. While it's not completely faultless – I've experienced a bit of tilting when placing heavier items – it hasn't deterred me from using it extensively. It has made my cooking routines smoother and more efficient. I believe this product can truly shine with just a few refinements to its weight distribution. All in all, a wonderful investment for those seeking efficient storage solutions.

  • Posted by Eric Brown on 26th Mar 2020


    Use it in my office

    Tried out the hanging under shelf metal storage basket for my home office. Installation was straightforward, but I've noticed that it can swing a bit when I'm taking things in and out. It's been handy for storing smaller office supplies, but I wouldn't recommend overloading it. A good concept, though it could use some stability enhancements.

  • Posted by Leo Brown on 10th Jul 2019


    Does the job

    Skeptical at first, but this storage basket surprised me! Keeps my pantry clutter-free and looks sleek. Worth it!