Natural Decorative Bamboo Umbrella Holder Stand for Indoor and Outdoor

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  • SIZE: 9.75" W x 9.75" D x 23.5" H
  • MATERIAL: Made from natural bamboo material with a plastic liner
  • ORGANIZE: You can store umbrellas to make your entrance organized
  • DECOR: Accent decorative asset to your entryway, dining, living, office or outdoor
  • MULTIPLE USES: Ideal for storing umbrellas, canes, and walking sticks as well as long stem flower or bamboo displays

Dress up your hall or entryway and keep your umbrellas organized with this stunning umbrella stand. Your umbrellas will always stand tall in this bamboo umbrella stand with a plastic liner for the water drops. Your umbrella stand helps keep slush and salty water off your beautiful floors, while ensuring you never waste precious time looking for your umbrella.

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Buster G. on 21st Feb 2024


    3 Stars

    So here's the scoop - I bought this bamboo umbrella stand because I fancied the idea of bringing a touch of Zen to my entryway. The stand is quite the looker; it pairs well with my feng shui and indoor plants. However, I must deduct a star because it didn't come with an instruction manual on how to defend it from pets. My cat has since decided it's the perfect size for a studio apartment and has been charging her stuffed mice rent. Also, it holds umbrellas like it's its born duty - if you can convince the furry overlord to vacate the premises during a downpour, that is. The thing doesn't discriminate, though; whether it's my frilly sun parasol or my hefty golf umbrella, they all fit snugly...on the rare occasion they're actually in there. One more star must reluctantly take a walk because the stand sadly does not double as a teleportation device—I was hoping I could step into it and escape the chaos of my cat-ruled abode. Alas, it remains stationary, offering me only the promise of dry floors and the occasional whisker tickle when I attempt to use it. 3 stars because it looks pretty, but it's really just a glorified feline apartment complex with seasonal umbrella storage capabilities.

  • Posted by G. Hence on 11th Oct 2023



    This item is very sleek, practical, and decorative. I am certainly satisfied with this purchase.