SUV Pet Cargo Liner Trunk Cover Waterproof Non-Slip Washable Material, Extra Long Size Universal Fit with Bumper Flap 80” x 52”

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  • Size: 80.75" W x 52" D
  • Durable waterproof polyester material with comfortable padding
  • Sturdy buckle closure keeps mat secured
  • Universal fit makes it suitable for most cars
  • Easy to attach, maintain, and remove​

Pet traveling made easier with this zero mess pet liner mat. Composed out of durable waterproof polyester material, this pet mat is super easy to clean and lasts for frequent pet traveling. Sturdy buckle closure keeps the mat in place and easily secures over the seat headrest. Soft quilted padding makes it comfortable for pets to sit on for long trips. Simply spread out the mat, fasten the buckles over the seat headrest, and bring along your pet without worrying about pet scratches, hair, and muddy paws. When not in use, the mat folds up easily to store. Pets love the comfort, drivers love the convenience. 

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