Electronic Remote Control Gray Mouse Cat Toy with App and Realistic Appearance

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  • SIZE: 8.25''W x 2.5''D x 1.75''H
  • FEATURES: catnip and rechargeable USB included
  • HEALTHY: good exercise for cat running around practicing
  • RELATES: creates healthy relationship between you and your cat
  • KID FRIENDLY: enjoy playing remote control, a good way of playing prank with other people

This wireless remote control mouse is extremely healthy for your cat, Fill the built-in catnip compartment on the bottom of the mouse with fresh catnip to refresh that attractive smell. It is a great motion toy and also fools the cat by thinking its a real mouse running around. It makes your cat in a happy mood freeing their pressure!

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Emma on 24th May 2019


    Soo funny!

    This mouse looks so real! my cat loves to play with it, but when he sees that it's a fake he gets very upset.

  • Posted by Leila Khan on 22nd Apr 2019


    This remote is fun!

    My kid played pranks on April fools and played with the cat for hours and made good friends with him.