Water Hyacinth Natural Oval Wicker Laundry Basket with Handles and White Cotton Liner

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  • SIZE: 19.5" D x 19.5" W x 9.45" H
  • GREAT LOOK: Perfect for any house with its simple to look and easy-use
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Handles for convenience and ease when carrying from room to room, and removable liner for cleaning
  • MATERIAL: Durable and lightweight wicker construction
  • LINING: A fabric liner is attached securely to the handle to prevent delicate fabrics from tearing and snagging

The natural wicker will bring a fresh look to your laundry room, bedroom, and home. Made of handwoven water hyacinth material, this wicker laundry basket has all the nostalgic qualities of old-fashioned laundry baskets. The rounded handles allow for easy carrying in the arms while also adding to its charm. This wicker basket comes with a fully removable liner that protects linens from snags. This liner can be removed and conveniently washed along with the rest of your laundry. To re-attach the liner, simply fold it over the edges of the basket and use the ties to secure it to either side. This wicker laundry basket can hold a full load of laundry the perfect size to comfortably carry across the house.

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