​A Trunk Full of Memories

​A Trunk Full of Memories

Published by Rosie Blank on 5th Apr 2019

Travel is one of the great adventures of life, and the remembrance of a beautiful time away from home can bring pleasure for decades. Hidden away in a box somewhere, perhaps you have a collection of tickets, brochures, photo prints and other small mementos of some of your favorite trips, just waiting to be added to a memory book or to be lovingly sorted through in a nostalgic moment. Now there’s a better way to store your favorite travel memories: create a decorative travel trunk. This is the sort of do-it-yourself project that almost anyone can do.

First, find a trunk that fits your home or office. Don’t have a trunk sitting around? That’s no problem! There are a wide variety of antique-look and contemporary-styled trunks now available at reasonable prices. Keeping in mind how often you travel, how inclined you are to bring home memorabilia and how much space the trunk will need to occupy will help you decide on just the right one. Sizes range from the large classic steamer trunks to smaller trunks in which documents would fit easily, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Use one larger trunk to store all of your memories, or use a series of smaller trunks to hold treasures from specific regions or even specific trips.

Next, think about whether you wish to maintain a minimalist look on the exterior of the trunk, or whether you might enjoy jazzing it up a bit and adding a splash of color. There are many ways to refinish the outside of a trunk, old or new, but one classic idea that fits the travel theme is to take stickers or patches representing the different locations you have visited and affixing them to the trunk surface. You can even purchase decorative suitcase style treasure chests, which do half the work for you.

Finally, think about what you might like to put inside. If you are handy, you may wish to add a fun travel-themed fabric lining, or even add custom dividers to display your treasures. Then, arrange your photo albums, prints, brochures and trinkets any way that makes sense to you. The next time you want to relive a favorite travel memory, it will only be a matter of opening the trunk and experiencing a great moment anew.