Make Your Home a Cozier Place to Live in During Quarantine

Make Your Home a Cozier Place to Live in During Quarantine

Published by Erica Pennyfeather on 22nd Apr 2020

With nearly every American household practicing social distancing or self-quarantine, the need of a cozy living space is now more sought than ever. With new daily routines such as homeschooling and working from home, now is also the time when lots of people have more time on their hands. So with all that time and none of the usual places to go and things to do, what better time is there to upgrade your living space to a cozy sanctuary? Here are some tips on making your home a more comfortable, cozy place during quarantine:

Do the Hygge

Remember the Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) craze from 2017? Take a page out of the Scandi book by embracing the simple, cozy lifestyle as we stay home and socialize with close family. The concept is simple enough to implement on your own, but decorating your home in style will really help warm up your place. Scented candles, cozy throws, and sheepskin rugs are sure to make you feel happier inside!

Greenify your space

While parks aren’t always accessible nowadays, you can invite nature indoors with indoor plants. Houseplants liven up a space, improve air quality, and caring for them provides a great pastime. If you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to adopt a plant.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning

A house that’s clean is a house that’s calm. Go beyond your weekly cleaning routine by tackling underbed dust bunnies, dinette chair gunk, and deep freezer terrains. Change your bedding to a fresh set of linen, fluff up your pillows, and arrange your throws to perfection. And now there’s no excuse not to organize your closet!

Movable Workstations

Your dining room table is flooded with homework and supplies, and now you need to clear it off for dinner. Sounds familiar? Get a grip on organization with movable storage furniture that holds everything you need for homeschooling and WFH. Storage baskets are also an easy way to pack up all your stuff to be put away where they belong, so your living space can once more serve their primary functions.

DIY Dreams

Is your inner DIY enthusiast drooling over IKEA hacks and home upgrade projects, but you never find the time to actually DO IT? Grab your toolbox, get the paint, and start having fun! Even just experimenting with your furniture layouts and rearranging your rooms can have a huge impact. As a bonus, your home will take on a new appearance and thus alleviate the cabin fever.

Soak up the Sun

If you have a deck, patio, or private backyard, put it to good use by setting up an oasis of fresh air. Get some nice garden décor and a park bench or patio swing, and you’ll have a most welcoming change of scenery right next to your home!

Your call! How do you make your home more welcome while quarantined? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you!