Modern Uses for Telephone Tables

Modern Uses for Telephone Tables

Published by Rosie Blank on 22nd May 2019

Ever since its invention in 1876, telephone usage has changed dramatically over the years. In the early days of the 20th century, a family lucky enough to have a telephone would probably have placed a wall unit in a hallway or in the kitchen. People used the device standing up, but in the 1890s, a "desk stand" telephone made its appearance -- a type of telephone that collectors call a "candlestick telephone," because it looked something like an oddly shaped candlestick. These candlestick telephones called for the need of telephone tables.

In modern day, traditional telephones have been replaced with sleek and portable smartphones. So many people wonder, “Why do I need a telephone table when I’ve got a pocket?”

Contrary to common belief, telephone tables are not merely an artifact of the past. Here are some modern day uses of telephone tables:

  • Plant Stands: Telephone tables are a great way of displaying plants, both the potted and vase versions.
  • End Tables: Don’t like the clutter that piles up on your couch? Keep a telephone table in your living room or bedroom for extra storage.
  • Traditional Use: An antique style telephones are great accent pieces. Place one on top of a telephone table for timeless elegance.
  • Make a Statement: Many telephone tables are a work of art just by their selves. Display one in your dining room for instant enhancement.

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