Organize Your Home - Entryway

Organize Your Home - Entryway

Published by E. Rose on 9th Jan 2019

Welcome home! Right beyond your front door is your front entrance, usually joined with or right before your mudroom. This little half room is one of the busiest places in your home. Its where you’ll remove and store your shoes, outerwear, handbags, and umbrellas.

With so much going on, keeping your entry neat and clean can be challenging. Adding on to this is the fact that in most the mudrooms are tight in space. So how do you max out the storage space in a functional, efficient way?

Coat Hooks

Storage hooks come in all shapes and sizes, and only take up a minimal amount of space. Allocate one wall for hanging storage and spread out some hooks. These are useful for hanging coats, jackets, hats, and bags. You can choose whether you want your coat hooks to blend right in, or make them stand out for an interesting decor element. 

Cubbies and Bins

Loose accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves are best placed in some stylish storage bins. The bins can be placed inside built in cubbies for a neater look, or just placed on a shelf. If you’re short in space, some shelf baskets will do the trick.


It’s a lot easier to put on and take off footwear while seated. A narrow bench both adds to the style of the room and provides much needed seating. And what about a special storage bench? These come in many styles and offer extra storage space in the form of cubbies in the bottom or open-top seats. Win-win!

Shoe Rack

Unless you want your home muddied by outdoor shoes, set up a shoe station in your entryway. You can display your shoes outside, but its best stored inside a closet to keep funky smells stashed away.

Umbrella Holder

You can minimize messy puddles with a designated rack for drippy umbrellas. Place it right next to the entrance door for the greatest convenience.

3 Must Haves:

Wooden Shoe Cubicle Storage Entryway Bench with Soft Cushion for Seating

Green Woodchip Woven Umbrella Holder

Plastic Wicker Basket Grey Large, Set of 2