Brown High-Quality Waterproof Handcrafted Ceramic Decorative Modern Contemporary Tall Enhancing Freestanding Cylinder-Shaped Floor Vase Flower Holder

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  • Dimensions: Large 9" Día x 47" H 4" mouth rim, Medium 8" Día 40" H 4" mouth rim Small 7" Día 32" H 3" mouth rim
  • Material: Handcrafted with a sturdy high-quality attractive design, resistant lasting ceramic waterproof material, for long-lasting strength and durability
  • Waterproof: This vase is made of completely waterproof material, water your flowers daily to keep them fresh and blooming while keeping the vase just like new
  • Handmade: Handcrafted vase with utmost attention to detail adds a beautiful artistic design to your living room, kitchen, entryway, family room, bedroom, or dining room
  • Packaging: This vase is packed with trust and care in Polyform Mold Packaging to ensure and prevent any damage or ruin to the vase while it`s still in transit

    Upgrade your home to top luxury status with this neat, contemporary, modern, artistic, handcrafted, tall, waterproof, elegant, pretty, and freestanding Cylinder-shaped floor vase. The exclusive qualities of the freestanding floor vase, such as the modern style, handcrafted sturdy design, and tasty attractive color finish, will complete the look of any room or hallway. This waterproof ceramic vase is suitable for fresh blossoming flowers, dried branches or twigs, tall wispy grass, and silk decorative flowers (branches are not included). This vase may also be used as a stand-alone accent piece. This vase is Packed in Polyform Mold Packaging to ensure no damage, or ruin while in transit. The vase is completely waterproof, so you can water your flowers daily to keep them fresh and blooming while keeping the vase just like new. Whether you display it in your living room, foyer, kitchen, entryway, family room, home office, bedroom, or dining room, it’ll bring your home décor to the next level.

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