Decorative Rustic Metal Yellow Single Bottle Truck Wine Holder for Tabletop or Countertop

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  • SIZE: 4" D x 10.5" W x 5.25" H
  • MATERIAL: Made out of durable metal composition
  • DECOR: Use as a centerpiece decoration
  • SAFE: Holds securely 1 bottle and can fit in many small spaces on your countertop, or tabletop
  • USE IN: Great to use in Entryway, kitchen, dining room, office and playroom

Complete the decor of your room with this vintage wine holder. Composed of durable metal material, this wine holder offers durability and practical function for continual use. The vintage truck design creates a decorative appeal to your room decor. Use this wine holder to store a wine bottle and as a centerpiece display to keep wine handy. This is a truly unique high-quality functional décor.

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7 Reviews

  • Posted by Sasha Blaze on 21st Mar 2024


    Shaped like a little yellow truck!

    Alright, let me tell you about this Decorative Rustic Metal Yellow Single Bottle Truck Wine Holder. First off, it's not your typical wine holder – it's shaped like a little yellow truck! How cool is that? I mean, who wouldn't want to display their favorite bottle of wine in a tiny truck? The design is seriously adorable. It's got all the details you'd expect from a vintage pickup, like the wheels, the grille, and even little headlights. It's like a mini road trip for your wine bottle! I love using it for dinner parties or just chilling with friends. It always gets a reaction, whether it's a chuckle or a compliment on how cute it is. Plus, it's not flimsy – the metal feels pretty sturdy, so I don't have to worry about my wine taking a tumble. Overall, if you're looking to add some fun and personality to your wine setup, this little yellow truck is the way to go. It's quirky, it's functional, and it's sure to be a hit at your next get-together. Cheers to that!

  • Posted by K.K. on 2nd Nov 2023


    Dislike the color

    Dislike the color.

  • Posted by Danna Shaffer on 19th Dec 2022


    Worth the money.

    I adore this; it's of excellent quality. I'm going for a yellow truck theme for Christmas, and this will be the centerpiece for our dinner. It's also a perfect size. I'm excited to use it!

  • Posted by Alexis E on 6th Nov 2022


    Love it.

    I was so happy to find this. It holds my old bottle of wine perfectly.

  • Posted by Jerri L on 21st Sep 2022


    True to picture

    It's a nice decoration item and can be used for any ocation since usually this truck is used for Christmas and fall decorations. It's heavy material, seems good quality. Not plastic.

  • Posted by Abril Lobanova on 4th Aug 2022


    Nice decor item!

    Just got this today to give it to grandma as a birthday gift because she's nuts about that truck. I got her a bottle of wine too and let me tell you I'm getting this for myself.

  • Posted by Melanie Victoria on 17th Jun 2022


    Great packaging

    The gift arrived well-protected with foam packaging. It looks really adorable, and as a present, it was just perfect. My dad loved it!