Indoor and Outdoor Patio Steel Firewood Log Carrier, Wood Rack Storage Stacking Holder, Black

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  • SIZE: 17.5" W x 17.5" D x 35.5" H
  • HOLD: Holds up to 132 Ibs. of wood
  • EASY: This firewood racks with wheels, is lightweight and easy to carry logs
  • MATERIAL: This fireplace carrier is made from steel to ensure durability and style.
  • USE: Can be used in any place it is perfect for your home use 

This steel firewood log carrier is perfect for your home's fireplace or your outdoor fire pit, can be well stocked with a bundle of firewood, hooks for all your fireside tools. wheels allow for extra comfort as you move and maneuver a large load of wood. Makes it easier and more convenient to transport logs to indoor or outdoor fireplace.


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California Residents see Prop 65 Warning:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


10 Reviews

  • Posted by Luna Starshine on 7th Mar 2024


    Turning Firewood into Fitness Fun!

    Picture this: we loaded up the "Wood Wagon" with what felt like half the forest, and as we started pushing, it was like trying to move a mountain! Seriously, it was so heavy that we questioned if it was even budging. But hey, who needs a gym membership when you've got a firewood wagon that doubles as a personal trainer, right? By the time we finished, we were sweating bullets and laughing at the absurdity of it all. Who knew hauling firewood could give you such a good workout? The "Wood Wagon" may not move easily, but it sure moves the needle on your fitness goals! ?? Ha ha, indeed!

  • Posted by Abigail King on 10th May 2023


    This cart great.

    It is very easy to move with lots of wood on it.

  • Posted by William Martin on 21st Apr 2023


    Bit flimsy, but it gets the job done.

    All the joints are loose, but it still works and saves a lot of time. The wheels work really well. I had to trim the tabs on the bottom bracket to prevent the tubing from overextending.

  • Posted by Chloe Lee on 29th Mar 2023


    Compact size.

    This cart is better than a regular lawn cart, and it's wider too.

  • Posted by Alexander Rivera on 24th Jan 2023


    Handy to have.

    No more painful work of carrying firewood to where we store it.

  • Posted by Camila Scott on 9th Jan 2023


    Love it

    As described. Good product

  • Posted by Harry R on 30th Sep 2022


    Easy to use

    This cart makes bringing wood from outside very easy. When we received it, one of the wheels was flat, but I called, and they replaced it for free with free shipping. My husband liked it so much that we ordered a second one.

  • Posted by Joseph Lopez on 19th Aug 2022


    Vice nice..

    I really like that the wheels are made of solid rubber, so they won't go flat, and they have ball bearings, which should make them last longer. I liked it so much that I bought another one for myself. The first one was a gift for my parents.

  • Posted by Amelia Wright on 15th Jul 2022


    Just right for my use

    I got this cart to replace my old one that I had for many years. The tires on the old one were flat and couldn't be fixed, and the replacement tires were too expensive. But I found this cart, and it cost less than new tires for the old one! Plus, it has solid tires!! The quality is excellent. I love it!