Lawn and Garden Aerator Spike Shoe With 3 Metal Buckle Straps, Green Spiked Sandal

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  • SIZE: 5.75" W x 12" D x 2" H
  • PERFECT SOIL: These lawn aerator shoes provide an easy way to revitalize hard compacted soils.
  • SIMPLE USE: Sharp nails will make it easy to penetrate the soil while walking.
  • YARD TOOL: The easiest way to keep your yard healthy and green promoting nutrients to feed into the roots.
  • LONG LASTING: Slightly moist soil will help keep the longevity of the nails.

Using our lawn aerator shoes will help your lawn stay healthy and reduce its maintenance requirements by improving the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere. No other heavy and expensive machines needed around your yard. Sharp nails will make it easy to penetrate the soil while walking. The sandals feature 3 strong straps for ultimate support.


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11 Reviews

  • Posted by Alex Martinez on 6th May 2024


    Needs Assembly!

    I wasn't aware that the garden aerator spike shoes required assembly when I bought them, but once I put them together, they worked fine. They seem sturdy and did the job well. Just a heads up for others, make sure to assemble them before using. Otherwise, no complaints.

  • Posted by César Nunziatina on 23rd Feb 2024



    Three Stars worthy.

  • Posted by Noah Lee on 4th Jul 2023


    easy to use

    It's easy to use and easy to put on. I'm not sure if it really works; ask me again in 2024 when I see how well my grass holds up in this Texas heat.

  • Posted by Amelia Adams on 7th Jun 2023



    This product is really simple to use! I highly recommend it to anyone considering buying it!

  • Posted by Matthew Thompson on 21st May 2023


    Good idea to use these!

    This tool is fantastic for airating my grass. It's making my grass look healthier than ever, and it's super easy to use.

  • Posted by Chloe Chen on 14th May 2023


    Luv em

    Worked very well

  • Posted by Daniel W on 22nd Apr 2023


    They are strong and sturdy

    I could walk across my concrete patio while wearing them. I recommend them!

  • Posted by Alexander Jackson on 28th Mar 2023


    work well a little clumsy

    works well a little clumsy

  • Posted by Elizabeth Davis on 18th Mar 2023


    Great aerator shoes

    These are awesome for using at home! I just finished aerating my small lawn 3000 square fee, and I'm really happy with the product.