Portable Kids Lap Desk Tray, Activity Table With 3 Compartments for Art, Coloring, Writing, Eating, And Road Trips

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  • SIZE: 23" W x 12" D x 8" H
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Convenient lap desk tray that can be easily carried for on-the-go activities
  • THREE COMPARTMENTS: Organized layout with three compartments for efficient storage of art supplies, utensils, or snacks
  • COLORING STATION: Perfect for coloring sessions, allowing kids to enjoy their artistic endeavors in a comfortable setting
  • ROAD TRIP COMPANION: Ideal for keeping kids entertained during road trips, ensuring a fun and organized travel experience

This lap desk is a versatile and practical activity table crafted for children's creativity and convenience. Featuring three ample compartments, it offers organized storage for art supplies, coloring tools, and writing materials. Its portable design makes it perfect for road trips, ensuring children have a comfortable space for various activities such as drawing, coloring, writing, and even enjoying meals. With its durable build and well-designed compartments, this lap desk tray becomes a reliable companion for young artists and learners, seamlessly combining enjoyable and educational activities.

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11 Reviews

  • Posted by Sharon Perez on 2nd Jan 2024


    Best Lap Desk Ever

    These are too cute!! i have all 3 colors of those, and my kids and grandkids love them.

  • Posted by Burt Eric on 3rd Apr 2023


    Kid Friendly.

    My kid likes this tray much. when we all eat at the dining table, he uses it as a low table. It is very good quality.

  • Posted by Ami A. on 14th Sep 2021


    Fantastic Tray

    I love this tray. I keep it on my desk and use it for my things. I love the texture of the plastic and the green color.

  • Posted by Sydne Hobbs on 22nd May 2021


    teacher's love.

    I am a teacher and I use this tray on my desk. The kids love it, it is soothing and the perfect organizer! The easy plastic keeps it washable so it always looks new.

  • Posted by Laura D. on 23rd Dec 2019


    Good Quality, Kids love

    We bought this for our kindergarten class, and works great for individual activities. No quality issues, the kids love it.

  • Posted by A. Sommer on 5th Oct 2019



    the tray is convenient but I dont like the plastic texture so I gave it to my Mother. She loves the color and uses it as a med. chest.

  • Posted by Vinal Watkins on 10th Aug 2019


    My kids love them!

    Hi, I have a playgroup of twenty kids. I bought this tray for all of them and the kids love it! it's so practical. It is easy to wash and the colors are adorable!

  • Posted by Jenny on 9th Jan 2019


    Awesome Lap Desk!

    Perfect lap desk for lounging on the bed or couch.

  • Posted by Ellery Roderic on 13th Jul 2018


    Paint away

    All of my kids love to paint and this is the perfect painting tray for them. They sit on the floor and if it gets painted on I just wipe it with a wet cloth!