Pack of 10 Plastic Bird Deterrent Spikes for Birds, Pigeon, Squirrel, Raccoon, Crow, and Cat Anti-Climb Strips to Deter Theft - Suitable for Wall, Windowsill, Railing, Fence, and Roof - Grey

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  • Engineered for optimal effectiveness, this advanced bird deterrent system features long, sharp spikes to deter bird nesting, paired with shorter spikes placed strategically to discomfort birds upon landing. This comprehensive design not only prevents nesting but also acts as cat deterrent and for other unwanted small animals.
  • The bird spikes can be easily cut and trimmed to fit to your specific requirements, whether it's for shed, balcony, garden fence, or narrow spaces. The different lengths of bird spikes can effectively disallow birds from making nests, and the tapered thorns on the bottom plate can prevent animals from standing for a long time.
  • Efficient and empathetic, these bird spikes deterrent replicate the structure of plants and are crafted from plastic rather than glass. They effectively deter birds, squirrels, pigeons, and other animals without causing any harm.
  • Our bird deterrent for windows, roof and wall are made of high-quality plastic materials and can work well in any environment. They can stand any weather and keep stay intact through blizzards and windstorms.
  • With dimensions of 48.8cm in width, 4cm in length, and 1.5cm in height, these adaptable spike serve as a versatile cat and bird deterrent spikes effectively preventing all manner of animals from perching on your window ledges, rooftops, sheds, patios, fences, railings, and walls.

Our upgraded multi-function cat and bird deterrent devices now feature longer spikes, complemented by additional smaller spikes strategically positioned between the longer strips. This enhanced design effectively prevents bird nesting and deters small animals from finding perching spaces. Crafted from durable hard plastic material, our bird nest preventer comes in grey color. Installation is effortless with the option of using nails, screws, or cable zip ties, allowing seamless coverage across fences, gates, or walls, even in the most compact areas. Our humane solution ensures the safety of birds and cats without causing harm. By strategically placing the pigeon spikes on surfaces frequented by birds, it establishes a barrier that birds find unwelcoming. Our anti-climb security spikes are versatile and can be installed on fences, railings, roofs, sheds, walls, gates, ledges, windowsills, and gutters. Providing a straightforward yet highly effective solution, they significantly enhance security in your yard and on your roof.​​

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