Shower Footrest, White Bath Foot Stool for Shaving Legs, Non-Slip Sturdy Pedicure Footrest, Spa Footrest Shaving Stool, Shower Foot Procedures Stool With Storage

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  • SIZE: 6.75" W x 15" D x 11" H
  • SPACE-SAVING STORAGE: Featuring built-in storage, keep your shaving and spa essentials within reach for a clutter-free and organized bathing space
  • NON-SLIP STABILITY: Engineered with a non-slip design, ensuring a secure and sturdy footing in the shower or bath
  • MULTI USE: Serves multiple purposes, including nail care, shaving, and applying skin care products
  • NO BENDING REQUIRED: Innovative design allows for use without the need for bending, ensuring convenience

Elevate your spa experience with our shower footrest, a thoughtfully designed bath foot stool that caters to your comfort and convenience. This non-slip, sturdy pedicure footrest is specially crafted for convenient shaving of legs and ensures a comfortable and secure spa-like experience. The innovative design includes a built-in storage feature, adding practicality to your routine. Elevate your self-care ritual with this Spa footrest shaving stool, combining functionality, stability, and a touch of luxury for your daily needs.

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